Japanese Model Trains - Railways, Trams, Light Rail and Narrow Gauge

A visual record in both photos and video, of the model train layouts created by Bryan Carey between 2008 and 2013.
N Scale and Narrow Gauge in H0e, HOn30 and On30

Kato E655 Model Train
Kato Steam Loco - C11
Kato Shinkansen 800
Micro Ace Keisei AE Skyliner Express Train
Bachmann On30 Narrow Gauge Model Train
Micro Ace Kiha 40 Model Train
Tomytec Japanese LRV Tram
Kato E6 Shinkansen
Tomix Narita Express Model Train
Tomytec Railway Collection Choshi 701
Kato Shinkansen - 500 & 700
Tomix Nagano Japanese Model Train
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